Easy loaf cake recipes for morning tea

Pop the kettle on and get baking.
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Ease into your day with a delicious morning tea treat! Just pop on the kettle, cut yourself a generous slice of one of our tasty loaf cakes and you’ll be on your way to having a top-notch day. There’s everything from fabulous fruity slices and a decadent coffee walnut loaf to a blueberry and yoghurt cake. Dig in!

lemon and currant loaf
Quick & Easy
November 30, 1976

Lemon and currant loaf

Loaf can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days. Note
By Women's Weekly Food
pineapple macadamia loaf
Quick & Easy
February 28, 1975

Pineapple macadamia loaf

This is a very quick and easy cake to make that only involves hand-mixing in one bowl. It is very important to thoroughly drain the pineapple, or else the cake will be doughy and heavy. Toasting macadamias brings out the flavour. There are two ways to toast them: spread macadamias onto an oven tray, toast […]
By Women's Weekly Food
triple-ginger loaf
April 30, 2011

Triple-ginger loaf

Pleating the foil allows the cake to expand as it cooks. Use a piece of foil slightly larger than the pan. Fold the foil to create a pleat down the centre. We used a loaf pan with a capacity of 3 litres (12 cups). The uniced cake can be made a day ahead; store in […]
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