24 sweet and savoury kumara recipes

This popular orange vegie, known as kumara or sweet potato, is most often cooked as part of a side of roast potatoes to accompany beef or lamb. But this versatile root vegetable can actually be tasty component to many dishes, with everything from savoury curries and soups, to homemade crispy fries and pizza, and sweet desserts. It's also naturally low in GI, providing a healthy, slow-releasing carb option, and a filling addition to many dishes. Whether it's dinner or dessert, dig in!
spelt pizza with kumara & goat's cheese
indian-spiced quinoa cakes with tomatoes
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Indian-spiced quinoa cakes with tomatoes

Quinoa earns superfood status as it boasts an impressive nutritional profile. It has double the protein of rice and provides all of the essential amino acids ­ the building blocks of protein. Note

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