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Warming winter soups from The Australian Women's Weekly

Be inspired by the Australian Women's Weekly soup recipes - they're just perfect for warming you up this winter.

Liven up your winter soups and get cooking with one of these Triple Tested recipes. You'll find everything from retro Weekly classics like chicken and corn soup to hearty vegetable dishes and Asian-style favourites. Happy cooking!
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    Spicy dumpling miso soup

    This deliciously fresh Asian inspired miso dumpling soup is perfect for dinner tonight - packed with bags of flavour and just the right amount of kick!

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    Asian noodle soup in a jar

    Recreate authentic Asian flavours with this delicious Asian noodle soup in a jar - fresh, wholesome and completely vegetarian.

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    Sour Vietnamese soup

    Spice things up tonight with this sour Vietnamese soup. Light, fresh, and full of mouthwatering flavour. Suitable for the 2-Day Fast Diet.

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    Hearty vegetable and lentil soup

    This feel-good soup goes up a notch, seasoned with a hint of citrus in the form of coriander-blended yoghurt.

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    Chicken noodle soup

    Wholesome and warming, this chicken noodle soup is the perfect comfort food for the cooler weather.

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    Chicken and corn soup

    A light and clear traditional Chinese soup, your dinner guests will love this delicious chicken and corn soup, straight from The Australian Women's Weekly vintage cookbooks.

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    Curried vegetable soup

    Warm, healthy and delicious- this curried vegetable soup is the perfect winter dinner for any night of the week. Suitable for the 2-Day Fast Diet.

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    Cauliflower cream soup with mushrooms

    This creamy and fragrant vegetable soup works well as a feel-good meal starter in spring and autumn, or as a classic winter warmer.

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    White bean and merguez soup with gremolata

    Warm your soul with this deliciously comforting white bean and merguez soup with fresh gremolata - an easy, flavoursome dinner for the cooler nights!

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    Asian beef and rice noodle soup

    Commonly referred to as Vietnamese pho, this tasty rice noodle soup is packed full of Asian veggies and uses the heat of the flavoursome broth to cook thinly sliced rare beef.

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  • 18

    Duck and mushroom soup

    Succulent, juicy duck and hearty mushroom soup - full of wholesome, authentic Asian flavours, this is perfect combination for dinner tonight!

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    Cock-a-leekie soup

    Perfect for a chilly winter's night- the entire family will love this nourishing chicken and leek soup.

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    Combination long soup

    Warm, nourishing soup doesn't get much better than this! This hearty combination long soup is full of authentic Asian ingredients and flavour, and is perfect for dinner tonight!

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  • 22

    Chicken and mushroom soup

    Warm up with this delicious chicken and mushroom soup - a true family favourite.

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