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Australian Women's Weekly Asian recipes

It's no secret that Aussies love the fresh, zesty flavours of Asian cuisine. And whether it's a Chinese pork and prawn fried rice, or a hearty Sri Lankan potato and pea curry, this collection of recipes is sure to settle your savoury cravings.

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    Rice-cooker bibimbap

    A colourful mix of rice, meat and veggies, this is the Korean bibimbap in rush mode. Don't forget to top it up with the egg. It adds a creamy richness that binds everything together.

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    Pork spare ribs with chilli plum sauce

    Savour these tender, juicy pork ribs, drizzled in Chinese chilli plum sauce. It's meaty and sticky and you'll be licking the sauce off your fingers to get every last bit of the gorgeous porky flavours

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    Roasted sticky tofu buns

    Recreate an authentic Asian classic with these delicious roasted sticky tofu buns - quick, easy and completely meat free!

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    Asian tofu omelette wrap

    Get inventive tonight with this fresh and tasty Asian inspired tofu omelette wrap! Full of delicious authentic flavour, this dish will have you coming back for more. Suitable for the 2-Day Fast Diet.

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    Hoisin and star anise oxtail

    This succulent spiced hoisin and star anise oxtail dish is perfect for your next dinner party! Excite your guests with this delicious and flavoursome authentic Asian dish!

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    Salt and pepper tofu with soba noodles

    Enjoy the fresh, wholesome taste of Asia with this sensational salt and pepper tofu with soba noodles dish - a quick and flavoursome dinner idea!

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    Coconut prawns with two dipping sauces

    Give these beautiful king prawns a touch of the caribbean - rolled in flaky coconut then fried to crispy perfection - before serving with either a zesty lemon, or spicy fish and lime sauce.

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    Singapore prawns with noodles

    Ready and on the table in 20 minutes, these tender, juicy, succulent Singapore prawns with noodles makes a deliciously easy dinner!

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    Lemon grass and chicken banh mi bowl

    Fragrant, flavoursome and so delicious! You can't go wrong with this quick and easy lemon grass and chicken banh mi bowl for dinner tonight!

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    Sri lankan seafood curry

    This flavour-packed curry is packed full of fresh seafood and spice that will delight your loved ones. This hearty Sri Lankan seafood curry is a must try on those cooler Winter evenings.

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    Tuna carpaccio with Asian salad

    Quick, healthy, and wholesome tuna carpaccio - the perfect Asian inspired dinner for the busier nights! Suitable for the 2-Day Fast Diet.

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    Smoked tofu salad with peanut dressing

    This smoked tofu salad is simple, nourishing, and tasty. Garnished with a delicious peanut dressing, this is the perfect light dinner for any night of the week.

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    Give your breakfast a boost with this hot and sour rice noodle and fish soup. With diverse flavours and fragrances, it's often revered as Burma's national dish.

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    Thai crab fritters with cabbage salad

    These crispy golden Thai inspired crab fritters make the perfect dinner any night of the week. Paired with a fresh cabbage salad, this fresh, wholesome, and authentic dish ticks all the boxes! Suitable for the 2-Day Fast Diet.

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    Slow-cooker pork and lemon grass curry

    Hearty, warming and packed full of flavour, this delicious pork and lemon grass curry is the easiest way you'll make an authentic Asian style curry at home. Simply pop all the ingredients in the slow-cooker, and let the magic happen.

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    Prawn and vegetable Japanese pancake

    This fresh and succulent prawn and vegetable Japanese pancake is perfect for dinner when you are sort of time - quick and easy, yet packed full of fresh Asian flavours.

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  • 21

    Vietnamese beef brisket

    Slow cooked to tender perfection, this fragrant beef brisket is beautiful served atop steamed rice. With Asian spices and vegetables, this beautiful Vietnamese dish is great enjoyed straight out of the slow cooker.

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  • 22

    Best ever pork fried rice

    Fried rice is a traditional dish of pre-cooked rice stir-fried in a wok, often mixed with other ingredients, such as eggs, vegetables, and meat. We think our best ever pork fried rice is as good as any you'll find at a Chinese banquet.

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    Vegetable bean curd rolls

    These delicious vegetable bean curd rolls are so full of flavour. And they're completely meat free too!

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