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24 excellent egg recipes

Honour the humble egg.

Chickpea shakshuka
They're one of the world's most versatile foods, and we've gathered together all our favourite recipes. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there's everything from savoury pies and quiches, to sweet egg-based desserts. Easily incorporated into any cuisine, we've brought you a curried egg recipe, alongside a bacon pizza, and a French creme brulee as well as little custard tarts. So, get your protein fix and satisfy your taste buds while you're at it.
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    Indian-style tomatoes and eggs

    Hearty doesn't mean boring! Delicious Indian-style tomatoes and eggs - a tasty, wholesome start to your morning. This recipe is suitable for diabetics.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

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    Smokey shakshuka

    Savoury breakfasts don't get much better than this! Gooey eggs, zesty tomatoes and delicious spices - a tasty AND healthy start to your morning! This recipe is suitable for diabetics.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

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    Creamy egg open salad sandwich

    We've switched up the classic egg sandwich by layering beetroot and radish chutney, watercress and creamy mashed eggs on rye. Delish! And perfect for diabetics too.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

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    Fried eggs and spiced yoghurt sauce

    This Middle Eastern dish is perfect for breakfast, it will help keep your blood sugar levels in check for the rest of the day. And this means you are less likely to succumb to quick-fix snacks!

    Australian Women's Weekly|

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    Chickpea shakshuka

    This Moroccan inspired chickpea shaskuka dish has a spicy kick to it. Shaskuka is traditionally served at breakfast and perfect for dinner too. Serve with baked chia seed mountain bread and chili oil.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

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    Savoury eggplant and haloumi quiche

    This delicious vegetarian quiche is packed full of flavour from the salty haloumi, hearty eggplant and divine golden crust. Cut yourself a slice and enjoy warm or cool.

    Woman's Day|

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    Salmon and asparagus quiche

    Tasty, wholesome salmon and asparagus quiche is the perfect idea for dinner tonight. Full of rich flavour and nutritious ingredients.

    Woman's Day|

  • 15

    Eggs benedict

    Add a little extra flavour to your poached eggs and ham with creamy and tangy homemade hollandaise sauce.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 16

    Croque madame

    More than just a ham, egg and cheese toastie, the classic croque madame is perfect dish for brunch or supper, with a little bit of France in every bite.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 17

    Warm green salad with soft eggs and hazelnut dressing

    Light, fresh and tasty, this warm green salad is beautiful topped with runny soft-boiled eggs, creamy cheese and a gorgeous hazelnut dressing. Enjoy it on it's own, or serve as a gourmet share platter for your next dinner party.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 18

    Passionfruit souffle

    Enjoy the delicious tang of passionfruit in these elegant souffles. Light, fluffy and oh so delicious!

    Woman's Day|

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    Curried eggs with rice

    This tasty dish combines hard-boiled eggs with a fragrant Indian sauce to create a delicious lunch in no time at all. Serve on a bed of steamed rice with a dollop of natural yoghurt for a hearty meal.

    Woman's Day|

  • 21

    Salmon scotch eggs

    Panko is a Japanese variety of breadcrumbs, perfect in this salmon scotch eggs recipe by Woman's Day. They're more crispy, less dense and last longer than conventional bread crumbs.

    Woman's Day|

  • 22

    Coffee creme caramels

    These coffee crème caramels are the perfect way to end any meal! Sweet, smooth and decadent!

    Australian Women's Weekly|

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