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24 decadent Italian dessert recipes

The home of pizza and pasta is also known for its rich, creamy desserts that many of us love to indulge in. From their coffee-infused tiramisus and zabaglioni, to their cheesecake filled cannoli and refreshing granita, we have pulled together the best Italian dessert recipes for your enjoyment. Buon appetito!

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    Peanut brittle cannoli

    Indulge in this decadent peanut brittle cannoli - easy to make and simply divine! The perfect dessert or treat to cure your sweet tooth!

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    Watermelon and mint granita

    Presenting this fresh and cleansing italian-style dessert is an ideal way to wind down a summer party or family gathering.

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    Fresh fruit semifreddo

    Quick, fresh and delicious - this fresh fruit semifreddo is the perfect cool-down treat for summer!

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    Mocha zabaglione

    Irresistible creamy coffee dessert with crostoli to dip into. A great finish to any meal.

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  • 6

    Sicilian nougat

    A typical dessert from the Messina region of Italy.

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  • 7

    Panettone with mascarpone and raspberries

    Enjoy this traditional sweet panettone dish, complete with creamy mascarpone and fresh raspberries. A perfect way to end Christmas lunch or dinner.

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  • 8


    You can use any type of chocolate you like to coat these bite-sized Italian sweet treats ... white, milk or dark ... or a combination of all three.

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  • 9

    Soft biscotti

    A classic Italian treat that is often enjoyed after dinner with a cup of coffee, this soft biscotti recipe is absolutely divine. Swirled with dried fruit and dusted with icing sugar, the crumbly golden sweet dessert will delight friends and family.

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  • 12

    Cherry and nougat torrone

    This versatile firm dessert, made with a mixture of ricotta and sugar, combines well with many fruits - here with the sour, tart flavour of morello cherries added alongside nutty nougat and smooth yoghurt. Whip it up in advance for a festive season gathering.

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  • 13

    Panettone bread and butter pudding

    Relive your grandma's classic with the addition of Italian pannettone. Zesty and sweet, this creamy dessert is simple but sure to please.

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  • 14

    Italian mousse cake

    Sink your knife into this decadent Italian coffee and chocolate mousse cake. Enjoy a slice for an indulgent dessert or afternoon sweet treat.

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  • 15

    Cheat's lemon cheesecake cannoli

    Recreate this classic Italian dessert in no time at all with this quick and easy three-ingredient shortcut using store-bought ingredients. It's a great way to whip up a homemade dessert to impress your friends effortlessly.

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  • 17

    Italian Easter biscuits

    Scented with almond and anise, these Italian cookies are delicious and great fun to make.

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  • 18

    Vanilla panna cotta

    This Italian classic dessert meaning 'cooked cream' is simple but stylish. And our recipe will please even your fussiest guests.

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  • 19

    Pear crostata

    A pretty tart to use fresh pears. Top with cream or icecream.

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  • 20


    Italians know good food. And combining mascarpone, coffee, kahlua, finger biscuits and cocoa powder to create this spongey, syrupy dessert has to be one of their best ideas.

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  • 22

    Sicilian Almond, Apple and Ricotta Cake

    With classic Mediterranean flavours this ricotta cake is hearty and wholesome; just crunch through that delicious tap layer of pecans to enjoy!

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  • 23

    Italian ricotta cheesecake

    Indulge in this decadent tradition Italian ricotta cheesecake for dessert tonight - rich, sweet and so delicious!

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