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20 traditional Greek recipes

Traditional Greek food brings to mind hot, clear days on sandy beaches, white-washed houses and bright blue tiles. Ready to get on a plane yet? Luckily these gorgeously easy Greek recipes will do in the meantime; from mouthwatering lamb souvlaki to everyone's favourite Greek salad, Greek roast lamb to delicious little loukoumades, it'll feel like you're across the Mediterranean from your very own backyard.

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    Lamb and potato gyros

    Got left over slow roasted lamb? Perfect! This delicious Greek style wrap can be perfect lunch snack, making use of last nights leftovers.

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  • 2

    Greek pork skewers with crushed white beans

    Cook up a storm in the kitchen tonight with these glorious Greek pork skewers with crushed white beans! Loaded with bags of flavour and texture - these are sure to be a hit!

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  • 3

    Ultimate greek salad

    Light, fresh and brimming with flavour, this is a classic Mediterranean salad. For a heartier meal, serve with crusty bread.

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  • 4

    Lamb souvlaki

    Transport yourself to Greece with tender lamb, grilled Halloumi and fresh, cooling tzatziki. Serve with lemon wedges and warm pita bread to enjoy the full flavour of souvlaki.

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  • 5


    There are plenty of ways to make moussaka, all equally delicious. We've gone with lamb here, for a deliciously healthy and hearty midweek meal, proudly brought to you by Woman's Day.

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  • 10


    These gorgeous traditional Greek-style doughnuts are the perfect balance of sweet, crunchy and fluffy. We've served them with a sticky honey syrup for extra flavour.

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  • 11

    Slow-cooker chilli and fennel pork gyros

    Feed the family with this succulent and comforting slow-cooked chilli and fennel pork gyros - a deliciously warming meal for a cold Winter's night.

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  • 13

    Cheese, tomato and olive triangles

    The flavours of the Mediterranean will tantalise your guests' taste buds at your next cocktail party or family celebration.

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  • 14

    Fish kebabs (psari souvlaki)

    Let your barbecue send you to Greece with this fish-style souvlaki recipe. Popping with chunks of zucchini and capsicum these kebabs are best served with cooling tzatziki.

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  • 17

    Saganaki prawns

    Here we have saganaki prawns by Real Living. Fresh prawns fried in garlic infused olive oil and tomatoes alongside a hearty slab of haloumi that simply begs to be served with crusty bread.

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  • 18

    Grilled haloumi

    Haloumi is a salty, stretched-curd Cypriot cheese available at delicatessens and most supermarkets. Grilled and served with lemon wedges, it has the most delicious squeaky texture and zingy flavour.

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  • 19

    Deep-fried sweet pastries (Thiples)

    Thiples (or Diples) are a Greek sweet dessert consisting of pastry that has been fried in hot oil, and a honey drizzle. This recipe uses classic flavours so the dish is true to its origin.

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  • 20

    Braised spatchcock with fennel and ouzo

    Risoni, a tiny rice-shaped pasta similar to orzo, is the perfect accompaniment for this creamy fennel and zucchini dish topped with crisp chicken.

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